Mattress Selection

- Jul 11, 2017 -

One-third of life is spent in sleep, to measure whether people have a "healthy sleep" four signs are: Full sleep, time, good quality, high efficiency, easy to sleep, continuous sleep, not interrupted, sleep deep fitness, wake up and so on. Sleep quality is closely related to the mattress, consumers in the choice of mattresses from the mattress permeability, decompression, support, clothing, bed tension, sleep temperature and sleep humidity and other aspects to choose the right type, good quality mattresses. Due to the specific circumstances of each person, such as weight, height, fat and thin, as well as personal habits, preferences, people in the purchase of mattresses should be based on their specific circumstances and local climate and individual economic income conditions to choose from the comprehensive. The most basic requirement is that the lumbar spine can maintain the physiological anterior convex, the body curve is normal;

Choose what kind of mattress is best, should start from the function of the mattress. The function of the mattress is to ensure that consumers get a healthy and comfortable sleep. A good mattress has two criteria: one is that no matter what kind of sleep posture, the spine can maintain a straight stretch, the second is equal pressure, people lying on the upper body can be fully relaxed. This involves the soft hardness of the mattress.

The soft firmness of the mattress depends on the softness of the inner gall spring. Spring in addition to the necessary hardness to support the role, there should be a good resilience, that is, the so-called hardness. Too hard or too soft, rebound is not ideal. Too hard mattress people lying above just head back, buttocks, heel these four points bear pressure, the other parts of the body did not completely fall into practice, the spine is actually in a stiff state of tension, not only to achieve the best rest effect, but also sleep such a mattress for a long time will be detrimental to health. Too soft mattress, a person lying down on the whole body, the spine for a long time in a curved state, the internal organs caused oppression, long time, the same is not conducive to health, and is not comfortable. Therefore should choose the soft hard moderate mattress.

A good mattress can not only make people sleep comfortably, but also have good health. In general, the long-term wrong position, especially the use of poor mattresses, will make the spine of the displacement, thus stimulating the internal nerves of the spine, resulting in nerve control organs gradually lose normal function. Mattress too hard not only will oppress the human back nerves, but also affect the normal circulation of blood, long time will also cause backache and sciatica pain.

Because of oppression caused by blood circulation obstruction, will cause the human body old, and mattress too soft will make the body weight is not balanced support and left stooped and other sequelae. Therefore, a good mattress is the most urgent need for people to protect their spine. So, how can you buy a good mattress?

In the purchase of mattresses do not look at the color or price, to choose a reputable brand, so as to ensure after-sale related services; in fact, the most important thing is the quality of mattress itself and the use of mattresses. This will enable you to buy the quality and comfort of the mattress is guaranteed.