Mattress Maintenance

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Sleep is the health of this, how to have a healthy sleep? In addition to life, psychology and other reasons, the "health, comfortable" health mattress is also crucial. Fresh Awn Home Textile tips, the correct cleaning and maintenance of mattresses, not only can extend the service life of mattresses can also ensure the health of the family.

1, with better quality of the sheet, not only sweat, but also to maintain a clean cloth.

2, do not often sit on the edge of the bed, the mattress's 4 corners are most vulnerable, long-term sitting on the edge of the bed, easy to protect the edge of the spring damage.

3, do not jump on the bed, lest the single point of force over the Ambassador spring damage.

4, the use of plastic bags removed to keep the environment ventilated and dry, to avoid the mattress damp. Do not let the mattress exposure too long, so that the fabric faded.

5, if you accidentally spilled tea or coffee and other beverages in bed, immediately with a towel or toilet paper to pressure the way dry, with a hair dryer blow dry. Mattress accidentally contaminated with dirt, with soap and clean water, do not use strong acid, alkaline detergent, lest the mattress fade and damage.

6. Flip periodically. The new mattress in use in the first year, every 2-3 months positive and negative, or around the head of the foot flip once, the mattress Spring force average, after about every six months flip can be.

7. Keep clean. To clean the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner, do not wash with water or detergent directly. Avoid lying down immediately after a bath or sweating, using electrical appliances or smoking in bed.