Advantages Of Natural Latex Mattresses

- Jul 11, 2017 -

1. Super high elasticity.

Ultra-high elasticity and laminating of natural latex? Can the Latex mattress adapt to different weight of the crowd? Any posture that naturally adapts to the sleepers? And the body's degree of fitting can reach 95%? and the ordinary mattress and body fitting degree can only reach $number? Natural latex can also improve the sleep caused by the waist acid and insomnia.

2. Orthopedic function.

Latex mattresses than ordinary mattresses contact the human body area 3-5 times higher, can evenly disperse the body weight of the endurance, and can automatically adjust the bad sleeping position, so that the spine to relax and restore, thus having orthopedic function.

3, breathable bacteria.

Latex has a special molecular structure, with good comfort, breathability, mildew, dust-proof, inhibit the breeding of bacteria and parasites, open latex porous airbag structure of each cubic inch of 250000 internally connected vents, so that the air in the mattress free flow, can disperse the skin and mattress contact with the heat generated by the sweat, to maintain sleep in the body's comfortable and dry. So sleeping on a latex mattress in summer would be much cooler than a regular mattress? Lying on the mattress is not sultry and irritable to sleep.