3D Mattress

- Jul 11, 2017 -

By the two-sided mesh and the middle of the wire, two-sided mesh determines the traditional material unparalleled permeability, the middle connection wire is 0.18mm Coarse polyester monofilament, to ensure the resilience of 3D mesh.

Add 8-10 layers of 3D material to the thickness of 16cm. Then coat with a sandwich mesh and 3D material quilted with a zipper. or cotton velvet quilted

3D mattress is the main material by a 3D of materials stacked up, so the classification of the 3D mattress is basically the classification of the 3D material to determine.

1, according to the grams of classification. 3D material weight is adjustable, from 300GSM to 1300GSM, general 3D Mattress Unit material weight has: (1) 300GSM. (2) 450GSM. (3) 550GSM. (4) 750GSM. (5) 1100GSM.

2, according to the thickness classification. By 2013, the 3D mattress unit material compared to the conventional thickness of: (1) 4mm. (2) 5mm. (3) 8mm. (4) 10mm. (5) 13mm. (6) 15mm. (7) 20mm.

3, according to the width classification. Width, that is, the full breadth of the fabric, that is, the breadth of the fabric. Generally speaking, the width of the more conventional 3D material is between 1.9-2.2m.