Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain

Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain

Enjoy a comfortable sleep every night with the Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain: pocket spring mattress with soft knit quilting for movement absorption, even weight distribution and comfort, Natural latex and high-density foam offers bodily support, comfort and ultimate relaxation — natural latex is pressure-relieving, resulting in a more rejuvenating sleep.

Product Details

Best latex mattress for back pain

When laying down on the best latex mattress for back pain, you’ll feel the excellent combination of sumptuous softness from the core and cradling support from the springs beneath, improve back pain.

The mattress will also help you regulate your heat, combining with the gentle support to l allow you to wake up feeling fresher and ready to take on the day.

Model:Best latex mattress for back pain
Size Option:a) King Sizeb) Queen Zizec)    Optional


Colour Option:according to customers' requests
Material:a) knitted fabric on the top
a) knitted,bamboo,damask,polyester
b)quiling with convoulted foam+pp foam +pure foam
c) cushion layer filling with latex
d) zoned pocket spring unit with edge support
e) damask fabric with foam
Package:a) normal as paper kraft
b) compressed with wood pallet
c) roll up with box or handbag
MOQ:50 pcs.Sample order is acceptable.

a) T/T or Paypal

30% deposit in advance,70% balance should be paid

before delivery

Delivery:a) Within 5-25 days after we receive the deposit for usual order.

a) Five years against manufacturing defect.

b) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred.

Container  Loaded           Quantity:

20GP40HQAccording king size for ref
Delivery Time:20 days25 days5-10 days
Quality Control:

a) Before the order to be confirmed,we should check the material and colour by the sampleswhich should be strictly.

b) We will be tracing the difference phase of production from beginning.

c) Every product should be checked and cleaned before packing.

d) Clients could send QC or the third party to check the quality before delivery.

This best latex mattress for back pain combines the traditional craftsmanship of pocketed mattress with the exceptional comfort of latex. It is designed to follow the body line providing optimum support and allowing the spine and back to maintain a correct position during sleep. Over 1000 individually nested pocket springs move independently from each other when you shift your weight on the mattress so that the rest of your body still receives the support and comfort it needs.

2cm comfort layer of Dunlop latex complements perfectly the pocket sprung unit and conforms instantly to every your movement. A number of vertical channels in the natural latex provide natural air ventilation and together with the luxurious soft knitted fabric cover create a pleasant thermo regulating microclimate while you sleep.

This best latex mattress for back pain with pocket spring is one of the most comfortable mattresses. It is believed to be the best mattress for back and neck pain. And you get them at pocket-friendly prices! With it, should ensure comfort and support so that you wake up refreshed. Restolex aims to offer to its customers happy mornings.

Product Advantages

1. Farer is equiped with advanced tape edge machines and matching mattress production lines.

2. We associated with the suppliers who are the leading and specialist ones in China.

3. QC procedure done during the production process to guarantee of the quality meet as clients' requirements.

4. The 3rd party inspection arranged if necessary, to ensure the good quality and certified with accordingly standards.

5. We use a Greenguard-certified, water-based adhesive for laminating our foams rather than the solvent-based adhesives found across the industry.

6. Our foam are certified Certipur and our fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning they are all ultra-low VOC and held to the highest environmental production standards.


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1. How often should I replace my mattress?

-Every 5-7 years. Even if your mattress doesn't show much wear and tear, your body, lifestyle and sleep needs have probably changed. If your mattress is 5-7 years older, so are you! Has your weight changed, have you gotten married, developed back problems, or do you have a less active lifestyle? That old mattress may no longer be the best fit for the person you are today. In fact in a Consumer Reports study showed that 72% of polled online subscribers found a new bed improved their sleep.

2. What's the proper way to turn or rotate a mattress and how often should it be done?

-Some new mattresses should be rotated every week for the first few months and every few months thereafter. Most new mattresses have been designed as "no-flip" mattresses, eliminating the need for end-over-end rotation. We suggest you consult your manufacturer’s warranty for the proper rotation guidelines specific to your new mattress.

Tip: Unless your mattress is a twin size, we don't recommend you turn it alone. Doing so can result in damage to the product or injury to you. Get a friend or a family member to assist you. Do not use the cord handles to turn the mattress, as they will not support the weight of the mattress and will likely pull out. Mattress handles should be used for final positioning only.

3.Should I buy a hard mattress if I have a bad back?

-Your doctor may have specific recommendations. In general, we'd recommend a mattress that offers good support, and such support does not mean the hardest or firmest mattress available. Innerspring mattresses offer various types of surface materials over the coil unit that aid in improving the comfort of a mattress without compromising the support. Foam, latex or foam mattresses are also good options for contouring the body while offering proper support and lasting comfort.