Double Size Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Double Size Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers offer a layer of supportive comfort to your existing mattress. Toppers are a simple and cheap alternative to a new memory foam mattress, enabling you to experience the pressure-alleviating benefits at a budget price. A mattress topper can be easily attached to your existing mattress, refreshing your sleeping environment and reducing any sleep-related aches and pains.

Product Details

Double Size Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep in luxurious comfort with our memory foam mattress topper.

Gentle and continuous support for your body through the night - perfect during for men and woman, young or old.

Experience the best nights sleep you'll ever have with this superior quality memory foam mattress topper.

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Removable, washable









Mattress composition:

Memory Foam
High density 50-60kg/m³ memory foam
5cm thickness (customized by clients)
Offers superior comfort
Pressure relief, great for camping and home used.
Bamboo Fabric Cover
Using bamboo raw material, bamboo fiber extracted through high-tech technology, which is antibacterial & anti-mite.


According to customers request, for example:
Single:39*75 inch
Double, Full:54*75inch
Queen: 60*80inch
King: 76*80inch
California king: 72*84inch

Age Group

Perfect to everyone.

Package Detail

Rolled up package, using high quality poly bag and carton

Delivery Time

Sample 3-5 days, 7-15 days for 20GP,15-25 days for 40HQ up to mattress design

Payment Item

30% deposit, 70% balance before shipping (can be discuss)


1. Design to help solve 4 common sleep problems: losing and turning, back support and alignment,partner movement and sagging.
2.Memory foam offer pressure relief at night and still gives you the support you will need night after night.
3. Diffuses the body's pressure points for a more relaxed night's sleep.
4.Ideal for all physiques and all sleeping positions.

Featuring non-slip bottom, this quality memory foam topper would keep in place on top of your mattress. Also, the bamboo cover with zipper is antibacterial, super-soft, and removable for machine wash. We offer multiple sizes to suit every market, including Single bed, Double bed, Queen and King Size. For the sake of your market, our Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Bamboo Topper Cover is your best option ever. You will never feel so snug while sleeping until you meet this amazing mattress topper!

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At 5cm deep this bamboo memory foam mattress topper offers a deep layer of comfort, transforming your mattress into the perfect place to sleep. The 5cm 60kg Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes complete with a cooling bamboo cover.

The bamboo cover is made from unique fibres which allow air to permeate and reduce heat and moisture build up, meaning your body stays cool and dry throughout the night.

Double size memory foam topper provides comfort for your whole body during the night, meaning you can wake up feeling refreshed and free of any minor aches and pains. Memory foam also provides relief for your pressure points, which encourages healthy blood circulation, as well as reducing the need to toss and turn during the night, meaning a deeper and more restful sleep.

Please be aware that a memory foam mattress topper cannot solve the problem of a dipped or damaged mattress, but offers additional comfort and pressure relief to a firm or tired mattress. If your mattress is in bad condition and has any lumps or dips, then we recommend that you consider a new mattress for a better night's sleep.

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1.Q: Which mattress is best for me?

Our research shows some people like their mattress to be made of memory foam, and others like the feel of pocket springs, so we made the perfect version to suit everyone. Our Pocket Spring mattresses are a touch firmer than our Memory Foam mattress which is made purely from high tech memory foam and moulds to the contours of your body while you sleep.

2.Q: How much weight does the mattress hold?

Up to 19 stone / 120kgs per person.

3.Q: How do I clean and protect the mattresses/pillows?

Our mattress covers should not be removed for washing, as they are not designed for this. Instead use a soft, damp and clean cloth using small circular motions to clean your mattress. You may also use light fabric cleaning products. Our pillow cases are not washable and should be cleaned as above, we recommend using a pillow case for all pillows.

4.Q: My new mattress smells a little - is that normal?

Just like a new car, sometimes your mattress will arrive with something of the factory about it. This is totally normal and after a day or two it'll clear.