The reasonable height of the pillow

- Jul 11, 2017 -

"Peace of mind" viewpoint is very harmful. Professor Li Zhiguang, director of Northern Medical University, said that the normal physiological state of the cervical spine can be maintained during sleep, so that the skin, muscles, ligaments, intervertebral joints and the trachea, esophagus and nerves through the neck will relax and rest together with the whole body. Normal people sleep pillow, whether supine or lying on the side, will make the cervical physiological state changes, so that some parts of the neck muscle excessive tension. Over time, the neck muscles will be strained, contracture, cause the cervical vertebra position small change, causes the cervical nerve root and the blood vessel stimulation or the oppression, appears the reflex convulsion, even causes the cerebral blood supply insufficiency, produces the neck, the shoulder, the back, the arm hemp pain or dizziness, the headache, the eyesight drop, the tinnitus, the nausea, the hearing loss and so Pillow is one of the common causes causing stiff neck and cervical spondylosis. In addition, pillow will increase the angle of the neck and chest, so that tracheal ventilation is blocked, easy to lead to pharynx, sore throat and nasal snoring. Pillow can also make the chest back muscles long-term tension, chest pressure, hinder normal breathing, long this will certainly bring adverse effects on the body. Normal people go to sleep low pillow for a long time, also can change the physiological state of the cervical vertebra. Because the head of the veins without valve, gravity can make the brain venous reflux slow, arterial blood supply relative increase, resulting in head rise, irritability, insomnia and other discomfort, low pillow for hypertension and atherosclerosis patients especially have adverse effects.

In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma need to sleep pillow, and people with hypotension and anemia need to sleep low. Pillows are too high or too low to be harmful to human health. So how high is the height of the pillow for normal people? The general understanding is: the habit of supine

The person pillow tall Fist, the habit side sleeps the person Pillow taller fist half is more suitable. But recently, according to medical research, healthy people in 8 hours sleep, posture change about 20-45 times, and half of the posture in less than 5 minutes to change once, of which 60% is supine, 35% is lying on the side, 5% is prone. So although the height of the pillow that people need is often different, with everyone tall, fat thin, shoulder width, head circumference, neck of the length of the neck radian, and there is no certain standard, but the average person sleep due to the use of supine posture more time, the general doctor will recommend the use of a fist more height appropriate, not to reach a half a punch height.