Replace Mattress

- Jul 11, 2017 -

• Physical sensation when waking up in the morning

If you after a night of sleep, in the morning when the discomfort of the body, waist acid, backache and other symptoms, in the elimination of fatigue, disease reasons, should check the mattress you sleep. A mattress that is right for you can give you a physical and mental recovery and a mattress that doesn't fit you will subtly affect your health.

• Sleep Waking time changes

If you wake up in the morning more than ever before, for example: You wake up a lot earlier than one years in the morning, you should check your mattress, whether because the mattress for longer time or quality problems, can not properly support your body, resulting in lower mattress comfort.

• The contrast of sleep sensation

If you are traveling, travel, and so on, accidentally found that you sleep the mattress than you have been using the mattress more comfortable, your sleep than you sleep at home better quality, then, your original mattress should be more early. Only good sleep, will have a healthy body.

• Mattress appearance

Regularly check the appearance of the mattress, there are obvious damage, the larger depression can not be recovered, as well as difficult to remove the stain when, for your sleep, more for your health, you should replace a new one, suitable for your mattress.

Mattress quality plays a decisive role in the quality of human sleep, a good mattress can make people have good sleep quality. The mattress brand, like other furniture, also has a certain rank. The following small series to friends are introduced with the Chinese mattress top ten brands related knowledge.