National Sleep Foundation Poll Reveals the Best Mattress Options

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Searching for the best mattress?


A glance at the results of the 2012 National Sleep Foundation Poll indicates 9/10 people rate a comfortable mattress and comfortable pillows as crucial to a solid night’s sleep. Additional elements were rated on a scale of one to five, with a comfortable mattress coming in as the number one requirement with over 90% of respondents, with pillows shortly after. Comfortable sheets and bedding were also highly important. The poll also showed most people felt they experienced a full night of rest at least a few days every week. Weekends accounted for lengthier sleep than work nights, however most work nights were at least adequate.


Sleep studies such as this can provide interesting information to help in your search for the best mattress. Considering that nearly one-third of our lives is spent in bed, more than at any other single activity shows the necessity of having a comfortable place to rest. Aches and pains often develop from a poorly constructed mattress set or one that is old and losing its support. Back and neck support are important as they allow the spine to elongate into its natural position, relieving pain and potential headaches. Purchasing the best mattress your budget allows will serve you well for years to come.


What Factors Are Important for Quality Sleep?


While everyone has exceptions, tossing and turning, or nights spent worry and lying awake may boil down to easily fixable factors. Here are the top things that affect sleep from the NSF pool. Hopefully paying attention to some of the items on the following list will help our readers enjoy a restful night. The breakdown of elements most important for excellent sleep according to the poll include the following:


*Comfortable mattresses

*Comfortable pillows

*Sheets and bedding

*Quiet room

*Dark room

*Cool room temperature

*Fresh, non-allergenic air

*Clean bedroom

*A warm bath or shower

*Sleep aids

What Makes the Best Mattress?


Respondents also replied to questions regarding what items they took into consideration when purchasing a new bed. The results were not surprising with their replies indicating the utmost consideration was purchasing a product which helped them get the best sleep. Approximately one-third of the people polled not only ranked this first but also felt very strongly about this being first on the list on a scale of one to five! The way items affected the appearance and function of the bedroom when they were not sleeping came in lower on the list than comfort. Choosing the best mattress within your budget constraints will help eliminate painful joints and a lack of rest from tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Certain types of mattresses also are popular for their ability to buffer the motion from a partner who moves throughout the night.


Factors Most Important in Finding the Best Mattress


*Improves sleep quality.

*Makes bedroom more livable when awake, too.

*Looks great.


Delving deeper into the problems incurred by respondents who sleep on a poor mattress to uncover what they encountered shows the following complaints:


*Back and related neck pain from a mattress without enough support

*Saggy mattresses

*Differences of comfort levels between partners

*Uncomfortable temperatures

*A small mattress

*Poor construction

*Too firm

*Too soft


These problems can nearly all be fixed by replacing a worn out mattress with the best mattress available. While comfort levels such as how firm or soft will vary between individuals, it is wise to read mattress reviews prior to purchasing a new set. Memory foam and innerspring support are the two most popular styles available and each offers benefits. Memory foam provides supreme comfort and support and is available in different densities. Innerspring construction can be found in multiple styles and support levels.


More Tips For Better Mattress Shopping


Mattress reviews are often related a consumer’s comfort level and experience with a new bed set. These can be useful for shoppers who are having difficulty choosing between different types of construction as well as different styles from a manufacturer. In general the pricier lines will offer more padding and a more luxurious ticking than the less expensive version from the same manufacturer.


We recommend familiarizing yourself with mattress reviews on products and comparison shopping to find the best mattress within your budget. The poll respondents indicate that a comfortable bed is of the utmost importance for having a solid night’s rest. We hope are enjoying awesome sleep on the best mattress available – if not check out the NSF Poll for more interesting insights into sleep habits and bed preferences to improve your nights.