Basic elements of a pillow

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Long experience and research shows that pillows as a sleep tool, its basic function is "supporting", that is, "supporting your precious head", so a pillow important evaluation criteria first is "supporting Force", the pillow of the evaluation of the supporting force to see each night, the pillow for the human head 8 hours supporting the overall performance. For the basic role of the pillow, generally, the good pillow must have the most suitable support, so good pillow has three basic elements: 1 supporting the basic structure of the neck 2 appropriate height of 3 good filler material.

Pillow three elements support the basic shape of the neck: Groove design, the middle is lower than the surrounding, in addition to moderate support to the head outside, but also can be gentle support of the neck. The left and right sides of the thicker, can automatically adapt to sleep in the side of the body when the side sleep height. Each part of the shape will guarantee your ideal sleeping position.

Pillow three elements of the two appropriate height: pillow height suitable for the blood circulation of the neck, to provide enough oxygen for the brain, wake up the brain more sober, more energetic.

Pillow three elements of good filler material: filling material determines the pillow's soft hardness and efficacy. The current tendency to choose natural materials is more popular, kapok, fragrant toadlike, buckwheat shell, cotton, flowers, etc., can also add good natural physical therapy materials to increase the efficacy of pillows, such as silkworm sand, cassia seed, Chinese incense, lavender, yellow Wattle, Rob Hemp, privet, ginkgo leaf and so on.